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DUI Community Service

One option that may be available in the sentencing of a DUI offender is community service. Often, a lawyer can work with the judge to lesson a sentence by agreeing to community service. This is a great way to shorten time in jail and lesson fines.

What are Some Examples of Community Service?

• Speaking before groups about the dangers of driving under the influence
• Assisting anti-DUI groups
• Removing litter from highways
• Volunteering at a charity they feel strong about
Compassionate judges may allow the defendant to choose a charity that appeal directly to them. It is not always an option, but something to discuss with your lawyer. This is usually allowed for first-time DUI offenders only.

Regardless of the charity, be sure to record all community service hours carefully. It must be proved to the court the hours that were worked.

It is important for us all to give back to society. Turning a crime into something useful helps us all. Not only is community service a way to limit jail time, it allows for the defendant to give back to the community. With the right attitude, this brings a sense of satisfaction back into everyone’s lives.

In many DUI cases, community service is often aimed at benefiting victims' rights groups, specifically anti-drunk-driving advocacy groups. It is important to use sensitivity during this time.