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Child Support

Information relating to Child Support Questions:

  • What is child support?

  • When can a child support order be changed or modified?

  • What is a child support order?

  • Who is the obligor and who is the obligee?

  • Who can be ordered to pay child support?

  • What if the obligee parent does not spend any money on the child?

  • How is the amount of child support determined?

  • What efforts can be taken to collect child support from the parent who does not pay?

  • What counts as income in a child support calculation?

  • What other collection remedies are available?

  • How do you show income for a child support calculation?

  • If the obligor parent doesn't pay, can visitation be stopped?

  • My income dropped dramatically when I was laid off my job and cannot make my child support payments. Is there any way I can lower the payments?

  • What about paying for private school expenses?

  • As the non-custodial parent, can I get a suspension of child support for the time during summer vacations that my kids spend with me?

  • After a child has been raised, is the parent who raised them able to sue for back child support?

  • Do I have to pay child support to a woman who had previously agreed to an abortion?

  • What are the tax consequences of child support?

  • My wife is delinquent on her court-ordered medical payments for our child. Can I sue for child support enforcement in small claims court?

  • Can the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) find someone who owes child support payments?

  • What about allocation of standard of living?

  • What other items do formulas consider?

  • How do child care costs get factored into child support?

  • What is child support used for?

  • How long must child support be paid?

  • I am a stepparent. Do I have an obligation to support the children from my wife’s previous marriage?