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Legel Portable Alcosensor Test

With the advent of portable technology in recent years, law enforcement has kept with the changing times as well. The physical field sobriety tests (FST) are only one part of their capable offense against drunk driving. If a driver displays drunken behavior, police may ask the subject to breathe into a portable sensor that measures blood alcohol content.

The most famous portable alcosensor is the Breathalyzer. This instrument relies on chemical oxidation to produce the alcohol level. However, the Breathalyzer is being phased out for newer forms of breath testing using infrared spectroscopy technology.

Common alcosensor devices are:
• Intoxilyzer
• BAC Datamaster
• Draeger
• Intoximeter
Regardless of the device, these instruments rely on indirect measurements of blood alcohol content. The only accurate means of measurement is a detailed analysis of a blood sample. It also does not measure a person’s actual level of intoxication, as everyone’s alcohol tolerance differs.

How can I defend my DUI charge based on an alcosensor test?

Every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses that a skilled DUI attorney can expose. The temperature of the suspect, the air temperature, the users breathing pattern, the instruments calibration, among other variables affect the test’s efficiency. All of these areas will be explored by an experienced DUI lawyer. If any potential for error has been uncovered, it will be exposed in the courtroom.

Endangering the life of yourself and others is something none of us intend to do. Sometimes we’re wrongfully accused, and sometimes we just make mistakes. Now is the perfect opportunity to hang on to your freedom and maintain your livelihood. Contact a DUI attorney today.