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DUI Job Loss

DUI Convictions Have Lasting Affects

It’s no hidden secret. You may lose your license or your car from a DUI charge. But what about your job? That should be safe, right? Guess again. It is a distinct possibility with any DUI conviction that you could lose your job.

Think of DUI punishments like a domino effect. The judge assigns you to so much community service that you are forced to take time off of work. You’re wasting time picking off litter off the highway when you could be closing a deal at work. And as you’re taking time off of work you’re making less money. But do the courts care? They keep slapping you with fine after fine.

Can’t afford to pay your bail? How do you think your boss feels about you spending time in jail? Most employers won’t take that very well.

Now you’ve lost your license and are finding it hard enough just to make it work (that is if you’re not stuck in jail or working off community service). And that’s not where your worry ends. Now you have to find new transportation to get to work and earn your living. You might not be that popular with your friends and coworkers if they are driving you everywhere.

So after losing your first job you’re ready to apply for something new? You’d like to start off fresh. As if job-hunting isn’t difficult enough, now you have to worry about the DUI charge showing up on background checks. With the influx of computers and databases into our society, records are easily checked by more employers than ever. It is a common routine when completing the employer’s application process.

The fallout from a DUI conviction has serious collateral affects. Luckily there is a shining let at the end of this dark tunnel. A qualified DUI attorney in your state will fight for you when no one else will. He or she will come out swinging even when you have no fight left within you. Contact a professional attorney today and start living your life again.