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Legel DUI Expungement

Don’t Spend the Rest of Your Life in Fear

You or someone you know has been charged with a DUI. At first, you may think that this will affect your life forever and that it will always be there looming on your permanent record. But did you know that with the right DUI attorney, a DUI charge may be completely eliminated from public record? This process is known as “expungement”. This is simply the deletion of a record from government files.

Following a DUI expungement, you do not have to note a DUI conviction on an employee application, educational institution or government agency. And a DUI conviction will not show up on background check of an individual’s public record.

Some states do allow DUI expungements to be considered in later criminal proceedings as proof of prior conviction. It is important to speak to an attorney familiar with your state’s specific DUI laws.

There are some states that allow juveniles to have their DUI convictions expunged. This is taken into consideration if the juvenile’s offense was mildly serious and if she or he remained out of trouble with the law for a long period of time.

Expungement can occur after a specified time following a DUI conviction. This is usually because the courts want to determine whether or not you have fulfilled certain court imposed obligations.

Why Should I Want my DUI Record Expunged?

Many employers now do background checks before hiring. Imagine not landing your dream job because of a “smudge” on your public record. That “smudge” may not have to be there depending on the circumstances. If found “not guilty”, that record can commonly be expunged. Even if you are convicted it may be possible to delete the incident from public record.

DUI cases can ruin your career, raise insurance rates and remain a source of embarrassment for you and your family. However, as long as you find a qualified defense attorney to represent you, you still have a fighting chance!