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DUI Parole and Probation

You’ve probably heard the terms “parole” and “probation” before, but what do they mean? How are they different? Below, you’ll find some helpful information that will guide you through these confusing processes if you have been convicted of a DUI.

Probation is often a common sentence for DUI offenders. When people hear the word “jail” they cringe – and for good reason! Probation is a little trick of getting around spending time in jail. While it is not as bad as jail, it is certainly no picnic. Probation has its ups and downs, which is why it is imperative to speak with your attorney about the options that best suit you.

Probation requires the defendant to abide by a set of rules for a period of time. Think of it like Mom having you stand in the corner. You can’t do anything wrong during this time or she’ll wreak havoc on you! The same goes true for probation. This can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction and severity of crime, but common regulations are restricted travel, abiding to a curfew and maintaining employment. Contact must also be maintained between you and the probation officer. The probation officer monitors your compliance to the probation ruling. In any probation scenario, no crimes are to be committed during this time.

Probation simply allows you to avoid jail. However, violating probation can easily result in serving jail time.

Parole allows prisoners to be released from jail before the sentence has been completed. The prisoner is still considered to be serving a term – just outside the confines of a jail cell. This is highly beneficial if you want to get your life back on track and put your DUI conviction behind you.

Like probation, those on parole also must abide to the conditions of the release. This may include holding a job, obeying the laws and an adequate adjustment to society.

The only way to get the best defense and ensure fair treatment in the courtroom is by hiring a well qualified DUI attorney. There is a qualified attorney in your state ready to represent you!