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DUI Penalties

Being charged with a DUI can seem like the end of the world for many. The list of penalties is seemingly endless and the effects of these punishments are long-lasting. But with the right DUI defense attorney, you can help avoid some or all of the penalties.

While the specific DUI penalties vary from state to state, it helps to know what you or someone you love could be facing. Arming yourself with this knowledge and discussing your options with your attorney can be the most comforting feeling during this difficult time.

Throughout the country, many of states have put the following penalties into place to stop drinking and driving:

• Fines of typically a minimum of $2000 or more depending on jurisdiction
• Administrative license suspension and/or revocation
• Court appointed alcohol education classes and treatments
• Community service
• Installation of an ignition interlock system
• Vehicle impounding or confiscation
• Jail, with the term depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the crime and number offenses

While these are some of the harshest penalties you could face for a DUI conviction, it does not stop there. There are other penalties that are more discreet or “hidden”.

For example, did you know that with a DUI conviction you may not be able to enter other countries? Canada, for example considers any crime whether it be a misdemeanor or felony to be an offense. They consider this a reason to not be allowed to enter the country.

You can also be facing higher insurance premiums or a cancellation or your policy altogether. You can even lose your job due to the affects of the other penalties. Jail, community and vehicle impoundment can seriously affect your job.

This is why it is so important to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney to represent you. They can find ways to lessen charges or even have the case against you dismissed.