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Legel Zero Tolerance

With the advent of such alcohol advocate groups as SADD or Students Against Drunk Driving, many states have enacted what is known as zero tolerance laws. But what are zero tolerance laws?

Zero tolerance applies to those under the age of 21 who are legally not permitted to consume alcohol. If an underage driver is found to have blood alcohol content over 0.00, they will be found guilty of impaired driving and face serious penalties. To put it simply: a person under the age of 21 cannot be found driving with any level of alcohol in his or her system.

While not every state has imposed zero tolerance laws, every state has put strict penalties into place as it relates to underage drinking and driving. Like all other alcohol-related vehicle stops, the driver will face administrative penalties as well as criminal penalties if the driver is convicted of a DUI. And there is no guarantee that revoked license will be reinstated.

It is important that you contact an experienced DUI attorney to help you with your case if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI and are under the age of 21. The penalties vary from state to state, but your DUI attorney will know the specifics as they relate to your case.