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Legel Prescription Drug Abuse DUI..

Did you know that a DUI does not necessarily apply just to drinking to driving? Are you taking prescription medications? There are several kinds of prescription drugs that cause drowsiness, dizziness or even mental confusion.

Many of the prescription drugs that can affect your driving should have a warning on the label that states not to operate heavy machinery. In some states such as Arizona, you can be charged with a DUI if your driving is impaired due to prescription medication.

If a police officer has observed you driving erratically, they may ask you to take a blood or urine test to rule out the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs in your system. But if you do test positive for a prescribed drug, you can be charged with a DUI.

However, these tests do not determine whether your driving was affected solely from your medication. An officer only observed your driving for a very short period of time. This may not have even been the reason for your driving to be affected. Were you feeling ill at the time?

If you find yourself in the situation you need representation now! Your defense lawyer should:

• Demand hard evidence that your driving was actually impaired
• Determine if you were impaired if it was due solely from your medication
• Find out whether there were other causes if you were in fact impaired

Your drug DUI defense attorney must understand how to work with prosecutors and the court in minimizing the impact of a drug DUI charge. They should have the investigative and expert witness resources necessary to fight a drug DUI charge. Perhaps your lab tests are inaccurate or police conduct violated your Constitutional rights. Find a defense attorney with negotiating skills, too.