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Legel DUI License Suspension..

Go Where You Want, When You Need To

Driving is a fundamental part of life. We all have important places to go and things to do. Take away your driver’s license and life stops.

In some states, police can take away your drivers license as soon as a Breathalyzer test has been failed.

However, if you have a qualified DUI lawyer, he or she will communicate these facts to the judge to help keep your license:

• Driving is vital for you to get to work; you need it to maintain a living for you and your family
• Driving is your sole form of transportation
• Suspending your license would impact your family who are innocent.

Your lawyer will review the arguments with you prior to the court proceedings. Depending on the number of prior convictions, some states will issue a limited driver’s permit, which enables you to drive during an emergency. This will allow you to drive to and from work, and sometimes to appointments that are absolutely necessary. Each state is different, which is why hiring the best DUI defense attorney to represent you is important.

It is vital when hiring a lawyer that he or she is well versed in DUI specific laws. Your regular lawyer or family lawyer should represent you only if he or she is qualified in this field.