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North Carolina Child Custody & Support

North Carolina courts prefer that parents work out the details of supporting and raising their children after a divorce. If, however, parents cannot agree, the courts will step in where necessary to make decisions that it deems are in the child’s are children’s best interests. Following are the laws governing North Carolina child custody and support.

North Carolina Child Custody:
Whenever possible, child custody and visitation issues are resolved in North Carolina through mediation between the parents. The purpose of this program is to reduce acrimony. The mediation is intended to develop custody and visitation agreements that are in the child's best interest, provide the parties with informed choices, and allow the parties to make decisions about child custody and visitation by providing a structured, non-adversarial setting that will facilitate resolution and reduce the re-litigation of custody and visitation disputes.
North Carolina Child Support:
Child support in North Carolina is based on a formula using the incomes of both parents. If on the application of any party the court finds that applying this formula would not be in the best interests of the child or children, the court can order a smaller or larger amount. Child custody is to be paid monthly on the first of each month.