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Pennsylvania Child Custody & Pennsylvania Child Support

Family courts will generally look to the best interests of the child or children when evaluating custody, visitation and support issues, and Pennsylvania courts are no exception. Pennsylvania courts prefer that parents come to an agreement on these issues, but will step in if parents cannot agree on a plan. Following are the laws governing Pennsylvania child custody and support.

Pennsylvania Child Custody:
Pennsylvania courts will do everything possible to lessen the emotional impact on children of divorcing parents. If the parents cannot agree on a plan for custody, the courts will decide what is best for the children and will give importance to the willingness of the parents to encourage a relationship between a child or children and the other parent and any history of violence or abusive conduct on the part of any parent.
Pennsylvania Child Support:
In Pennsylvania, child support is calculated by a formula that takes into consideration the income of both parents and the number of children. The court can consider unusual circumstances or situations of the parties. See Pennsylvania Child Support Estimator See Pennsylvania Divorce Laws and Resources for child support enforcement resources.
A lawyer can help you sort through your rights and responsibilities when it comes to childrearing after a divorce, and serve as your advocate and/or counsel when negotiating a parenting agreement.